• 2005: M.A. in Behavioral Science, Ben Gurion University

  • 1985: M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Hebrew University

  • 1978: B.A. in Educational Counseling, Tel Aviv University

  • 1967: B.A. in history, Brandeis University, U.S.

About me

My past experience includes teaching English, school counseling, and therapy as a clinical psychologist (Israeli certification) with adults and teens, couple therapy, parental guidance, and crisis counseling. I’ve also done workshops on creativity, self awareness, resilience, disaster response and leadership training.  I have worked with parents, teachers, and special education teachers.  My doctoral research is an intensive study of the phenomenon of late divorce from the personal, individual perspective.

In addition to my private practice - psychotherapy with adults and adolescents, parental counseling, and crisis counseling- I have worked at the Community Mental Health Clinic in Ashdod, Israel, and the Infant Mental Health Unit in Jerusalem, with children from 0-6 years old and their families, doing therapy with young children, family therapy and parental guidance.  I have volunteered in Mental Health in Crisis Response in Nepal, refugee camps in Greece, a refugee camp in Kenya, and the Bahamas.  

I take the freedom to use tools and perspectives from varied theoretical approaches, in order to have a wide range of means to help clients according to their needs and inclinations.  These include Mind-Body work (specifically, Somatic Experience), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and many wise Dynamic therapists.  I am happy to say that I have had considerable experience with individuals from a range of ethnicities and from the LGBT+ community. For me, therapy is empowerment.

My linguistic choice: To avoid the clumsy “he/she” I have chosen to use the feminine for therapists and parents, the masculine for patients and children. Of course I mean both genders equally.

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Currently working online or outdoors (Walking Therapy, in Oakland or Alameda, CA). 
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